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Localizing 20 Premium Movies For Urdu-Speaking Audience via Quality Dubbing

As a part of its global growth strategy, Kanal 7, a Turkey-based private TV broadcasting company, has been building solid engagement across Urdu-speaking countries. It targets Pakistan, India and neighboring countries. The TV broadcaster has a wide catalog of movies, series and shows, which strengthens its hand by repurposing such existing content for local languages with subtitles and dubbing.

Movies Dubbed into Urdu

Our team was tasked with dubbing 20 movies, totalling nearly 1,600,00 minutes, with a strict deadline. The process spanned multiple stages from uploading the content to Olabs to starting AI-powered automated translation process for dubbing script, streamlining workflows with our dubbing studio partner. Finally, the dubbed version was checked and reviewed by our translators before mixing it with the original soundtrack.

The Solution

Ollang offers solutions for both AI dubbing and studio dubbing, which are enabled by advanced technology and strong partnerships. We help our clients choose the most suitable solution among them depending on the genre and complexity of the content to be localized. Besides this, budget and time-frame necessitates are other factors we take into account before deciding how to dub the original content.

Movies requested to be dubbed to Urdu by Kanal 7 had complex characterizations with multiple actors and actresses, a wide range of background and environment voices and music. Therefore, although we could have had impressive results with AI dubbing if it had been a documentary film or online learning material or even cartoon animation, it became obvious that in-studio dubbing would have led us to the most ideal outcomes for this project.

Having decided the type of solution we would use and finalized negotiations with the client, we rolled up the sleeves and started the dubbing process with a close collaboration with our studio partner.

Are you curious about the result? You can see it for yourself in this video.

How Ollang’s Studio Dubbing Works

The ultimate goal should be to render the process as effectively as possible and we achieve this by partnering with the best studios and voice artists around the world. Getting insights from constant market research, Ollang is always well-informed about the multiple options available across different countries in relation to their affordability, speed and quality.

Here is how we run a studio dubbing-based project:

Our clients upload their content to Olabs, an all-one-in-place platform where they can monitor and manage their orders.

If our client has also requested closed-captions and subtitle translations of their video, our proprietary AI-powered localization software starts the process and produces automated scripts and translations with the most accurate results.

The content is always checked and edited by our translators to ensure the highest level of accuracy and contextuality. While the script to be used for dubbing is produced by neural machine translation, we select the most suitable studio or voice artist among many of our business partners. The files for dubbing are sent to the studio and the voice artists read the dialogues.


The review stage is carried out to produce a dubbed version that is bereft of dischronies of lip movements and pronunciation issues. Then, the audio directors from our trusted vendors mix the target audio with the original soundtrack. And that’s it - the dubbed version is ready to be brought to international audiences.

Studio dubbing is a straightforward but challenging process requiring heavy human labor and high production investments. That’s why we use every opportunity to optimize and use AI dubbing that automates and simplifies workflows for adapting media for audiences worldwide.

Project At A Glance

Company: Kanal 7

Field of service: TV broadcasting

Purpose: Dubbing existing catalogs for international audiences

Genre: Movie

Volume: 20 movies, totalling nearly 1,600,00 minutes

Solution: 1) Script translation done by our AI-powered tool; 2) studio-based human dubbing

Language Pair: From Turkish into Urdu

Why Is AI-powered Dubbing A Positive Disruptor?


As it is every evolving technology, the use of AI and machine translation have limitations too. While it creates wonders for certain genres such as documentary, animation, corporate training materials as well as online learning content, its current use is limited in movies and shows that include heavy characterization, complex plots and a number of role players. Yet, the technology is improving rapidly, reducing common problems such as robotic voices, lip synch issues and lack of human tonality.

At Ollang, we merge human intelligence with the AI automation power and involve human translators and dubbers in essential stages of the process. This optimizes results and creates a less distracting experience for the viewer. For content owners, AI dubbing reduces production costs, shortens delivery times and provides scaling. For human translators and AI Dubbers, the repetitive parts of the process are handled by technology, thus sparing them sufficient time to focus on more creative aspects.

Final Remarks

As an end-to-end media localization company, we make it easier for content owners and distributors to reach global audiences with engaging international storytelling. Our AI-powered solutions have the breadth to cover the entire localization process from closed captions generation to subtitle translation and dubbing.

To be able to pivot our strategies and customize the processes for every specific case, we meticulously follow trends and changes shaping the global video streaming and broadcasting space. This helps us to serve as a point of consultation for our clients who have yet to identify their roadmap for growth worldwide.

There is a broader world out there and we want to see everyone come a little closer - through captivating storytelling in local languages. Subtitling and dubbing are the most effective ways to reach global audiences - what a dream come true!

We’re on the side of TV broadcasters, video streaming platforms as well as online learning companies and educators to simplify their localization endeavor.

Enter Olabs now and start your growth today. You’ll see how localization is made simple!

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