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October 3, 2023

A content creator reaches global audiences

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Burcu Uluçay
Creator Economy
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Client Spotlight

Marina Mogilko, co-founder of Linguatrip and the force behind the Linguamarina platform, embarked on her content creation journey as a way to connect with fellow international students seeking financial aid. Surprised by the rapid success of her first video on GMAT, Marina expanded her presence to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, amassing a global audience of over 16 million.

Recognizing the vast potential in Marina's creative content space, Ollang, led by a desire to showcase the best strategies, reached out to Marina and her agent, Inna Ushakova. The goal was clear: to demonstrate Ollang's capability in spreading Marina's stories and expanding her connections on a global scale.

Reaching More People: Expanding Languages for Marina's Videos

While translating videos for different languages helps, reaching a wider audience requires more than just accuracy. The question is: are Marina's video topics broad enough to appeal to people worldwide?

Her content covers diverse subjects, from washing a Tesla to understanding US insurance. This variety is perfect for connecting with viewers around the globe in their native languages. In other words, the topics have the potential to spark curiosity and interest across different cultures.

Bringing Marina's Videos to Spanish and Italian Speakers

To reach more Spanish and Italian viewers, we needed to translate Marina's existing content quickly and affordably. We have a variety of solutions to fit different needs, and in Marina's case, we chose to work with experienced voice artists for a smooth studio recording process.

For most projects, we use advanced technology for subtitling, dubbing, and closed captioning, but we always prioritize quality and desired results.

That's where our special hybrid dubbing system comes in. It combines AI with human expertise to rapidly bring content to life in another language with realistic voices. The AI handles repetitive parts, while the voice artists add the emotional depth and authenticity that viewers love.

Project At A Glance 

Our collaboration with Marina brought us two amazing channels: this channel on TikTok and Linguamarina Spanish on YouTube. And the best part? In just over a month, her reach skyrocketed!

Let's let the numbers tell the story:

  • TikTok: 31.4K followers and 931.2K likes!
  • YouTube: 249K followers and over 100 million views, with a whopping 3,100% growth in subscribers!
  • One YouTube Short about washing a Tesla even racked up over 10 million views!  Take a look for yourself here

These impressive results prove that Marina's diverse content resonates with audiences worldwide, thanks to our translation and localization expertise.

A Quote to Remember

We really love our partnership with Ollang. Presently, we post our content in Spanish and are expanding our cooperation for other languages such as Italian and German, too. The quality of the dubbing is really good and the platforms we’re posting our videos to seem to ‘like’ it as well. On YouTube, after posting for a little more than a month, our videos got 2.5 MILLION views. The team is extremely helpful and communicating with them has always been a great joy!
Inna Ushakova, YouTube Manager