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Decathlon Live: Subtitling with Ollang's AI-powered Localization Solutions

Business owners have a wide range of opportunities to connect with their customers through digital content channels. A majority of the brands are partnering with content creators and influencers or working together with content design and distribution companies to launch promotional campaigns, live events, Q&A sessions, training sessions and more.  

Nemo Point is one of these companies that delivers a variety of services, ranging from live events and live shopping to concept identification and content creation. Among its clients are some of the most well-known consumer brands and video streaming companies, such as Decathlon, Columbia, Netflix, and Prime Video. For a live shopping project that they were running on behalf of Decathlon, a sporting goods retailer based in France, they needed to localize the video captured in French for different languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, and German. It was looking for a media localization company that would create the video’s content in the said languages without compromising on accuracy and captivating storytelling. 

Using AI Technology for and with People For Localization

Ollang is an end-to-end solution provider for media content localization. We cater to the needs of content owners, broadcasters, video streaming platforms, e-learning content providers, and social media content creators. The goal of our company is to support the creation of a language-free world—a landscape where linguistic differences don’t turn into barriers and keep people from understanding stories created and shared around the world. 

We offer closed-captioning, subtitling, AI dubbing, as well as hybrid dubbing solutions, to adapt any audio-visual content for global audiences. While being proud of the AI technology we have developed and are constantly building on, we promote the use of technology for and with people. That’s why we use the human-in-the-loop model which combines high-quality automation with the best human expertise and creativity. 

Simplified Project Order & Management Through Olabs

Nemo Point used Olabs, our centralized dashboard for clients as well as vendors and translators, to put an order and manage its project with no frustration or hassle. Ollang’s operation team was notified that Nemo Point uploaded a video to the system. The later stages included our team analyzing the subject matter of the content and the terminology used in the video. 

We held a meeting with them and suggested using our AI dubbing solution to localize the video for the said languages. The company was excited about dubbing the video into four languages; however, we needed to complete the localization of the video within a quite limited time because it was created for a live shopping channel and had to be shared on the platform almost immediately after the original video was launched. Also, we realized that if people could see and read the names of Decathlon’s products and services on the screen, we would be able to increase brand recall and recognition. 

Therefore, Nemo Point decided to proceed with the subtitling solution and told us that they would be eager to try AI dubbing for the next suitable projects. 

Subtitling Live Shopping Video Into 4 Different Languages

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As the first step, Ollang’s AI-enabled localization software produced closed-captions in French. Following that, expert captioners were assigned to the project to proofread machine captions and correct mistakes such as typos, missing or unclear expressions. French captions were then subtitled into said four languages—English, Italian, Spanish, and German in this case, by AI. These multilingual subtitles were assigned to the most suitable translators with experience in post-editing such types of content. The human touch completed the process initiated by automation. Such close cooperation between technology and human expertise ensured we could produce engaging and accurate subtitled videos in four different languages with quicker delivery times. 

“The challenge was to subtitle a 20-minute-long video which presents a technical product in 4 different languages. Ollang made it possible! Not only did they do it on a very short notice but they managed to accurately translate the technical vocabulary specific to this type of video. The platform is easy to use and the team is very helpful and available at all times. All in all, an excellent value for money."

Laurent Eichinger, CEO of The Nemo Point

Why Not Start Localizing Your Content In Different Languages?

By talking to your customers and audience in their own language, you show that you care about their linguistic and cultural differences. By subtitling and dubbing, you can tap into global customers and audiences, maximize the value of your existing content in different languages, and strengthen your ties with the people you appeal to as a brand or content owner. 

Content localization is not a headache anymore; traditional methods have been greatly replaced by technology-enabled solutions, and project management has been simplified thanks to centralized dashboards like the one we use at Ollang. 

We’re here to make your stories and voice accessible to the broader world. You can start your localization journey now by uploading your content to Olabs. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and schedule a meeting with our team, who will be more than happy to introduce you to Ollang. 

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