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A Content Creator Reaches Global Audiences With Her Stories

“As an international student trying to get financial aid, I felt lonely and wanted to connect with fellow applicants. I thought that I would share my journey on Youtube…” So started Marina Mogilko her journey as a content creator. She expresses that she was quite surprised when her first video about GMAT reached 1000 views in a few weeks. And since then not only YouTube but also TikTok and Instagram have been primary channels for her to connect with others.

How Big Is the Creator Economy?

Here are a couple of numbers to justify the exponential growth:

We know that people are always on the hunt for content that they can identify with. Especially TikTok, as a relatively new platform which has not been crowded with businesses yet, serves to be an ideal space to retain a more personal flair. In fact, globally, an average of 84% of TikTok users say they come across content which they can find themselves relating to. Apparently, social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram satisfy people’s and creators’ hunger for connection and authenticity.

“Let’s Spread Your Stories to the World”

Having recognized the huge opportunities waiting to be unlocked in the creative content space, Ollang contacted Marina and her agent Inna Ushakova. Our goal was to prove that Ollang could offer the best strategy and vision to spread Marina’s stories and connect her with a broader world.

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Credit: Marina Mogilko (originally in Vice)

Marina could definitely reach a wider audience by including more languages. Although translation and linguistic accuracy are crucial parts of localization, there is more than that. Are the topics discussed in Marina’s videos universal enough? In other words, would they tap into the curiosity of a universal audience? By watching her videos you can learn how to wash a Tesla as well as you can get familiar with the insurance system in the US. The rich array of subjects she discusses in her videos is a great fit for reaching people around the world in their native languages.

Create with Local Taste In Mind, and Succeed In The Global Stage

Time to present our work with a demo. Showcasing Ollang’s capabilities was necessary to get her trust upfront. However, our willingness to remain genuine with our partnership was as much important in winning Marina over. She saw that we had a shared goal: to create a success story together and make our dream come true by localizing her content for the global audience.

We really love our partnership with Ollang. Presently, we post our content in Spanish and are expanding our cooperation for other languages such as Italian and German, too.
The quality of the dubbing is really good and the platforms we’re posting our videos to seem to ‘like’ it as well. On YouTube, after posting for a little more than a month, our videos got 2.5 MILLION views. The team is extremely helpful and communicating with them has always been a great joy!
Inna Ushakova, YouTube Manager

Challenges, Solutions and Interventions

Ollang is a bridge between various parties including vendors, translators, clients, and creators; and therefore, we should provide automated processes as fast and seamless as possible.

Ollang is an end-to-end solution partner; in other words, we analyze each specific project, its targeted audience and the ultimate goal before taking an action. In some cases traditional methods yield more reliable results; however, in most cases, we turn to advanced technology for subtitling, dubbing and closed-captioning as long as we maintain quality outputs and desired results.

This is where our AI-powered localization software fuelled by human prowess enters the scene. The AI-powered dubbing system can rapidly bring content to life in another language, with highly-realistic voices. Meanwhile, a human-in-the-loop uses their translation expertise to review and edit everything to a high standard.

Enter Marina’s new world in Spanish


Our cooperation gave birth to this valuable channel on TikTok as well as Linguamarina Spanish on Youtube. Within a little more than one month, the growth of her outreach was high enough to make all of us satisfied.
Even more so, let the numbers speak for themselves. Here are some impressive growth metrics showcasing her reach and engagement on social media platforms.

A YouTube Shorts in which she talks about how to wash a Tesla received more than 10M views. But, we have done enough talking for today. Why not see it for yourself here?

Better yet, why not start exploring untapped global realms NOW, with Ollang? You can either upload your content here in three simple steps to get an offer or directly contact us at marketing@ollang.com.

We want to accompany you through your journey of exploring the global:)

Main image credit: Marina Mogilko (originally in Vice)

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