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Dubbing on the Job: Improved Learning Experience With Courses in Your Native Language

The benefits of e-learning were recognized even before the Covid-19 pandemic. The massive shift to remote-based learning and working has been shedding a brighter light on the benefits of edtech and e-learning platforms. However, not everything is a bed of roses. While English serves as a common language through which many people understand each other today, learning is not a simple process, requiring cognitive and emotional capabilities to be at play. Moreover, it is suggested that people can unleash their potential best if they are trained in their native language. Why is that so? Because they can comprehend fully and apply information faster.

In this sense, getting the course content and materials localized in different languages via high quality and affordable subtitling and dubbing creates value for both learners and businesses. That was the motive for us to invite Dmitry Stavisky, the former Head of the International at ClassDojo, to a meeting with the Ollang team.


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What does ClassDojo do? Let’s hear from Sam Chaudhary, CEO of ClassDojo. “Imagine a future where the greatest number of kids get to discover and develop their greatest talents. That’s what we’re here to create.”

ClassDojo brings 50M+ teachers and families together on a platform through which they can share kids’ most important learning moments in school and at home—through photos, videos, messages and more. Having appreciated the importance of building a safe and reachable virtual environment for kids’ learning, they decided to amplify their efforts in this direction.

A part of their business plan was to expand to other countries with localized content as of late 2021, and they were looking for a way to translate their existing English content into different languages at scale and at a fraction of the cost. In other words, what they needed was an end-to-end solution partner that offers localization services with competitive prices, shorter delivery times but still maintains a high quality of work.

The First Meeting Ended After…

…we introduced Ollang’s localization software which can dub content by using Artificial Intelligence. Dimitry became convinced that it was well worth giving a try to our product and he referred Ollang to the company’s segments which specifically took care of localization needs.

A thorough analysis showed that a specific part of the learning materials required studio-based human dubbing to capture the best possible human tonality and lip synch. The rest would work perfectly with the AI-powered dubbing solution we use at OLabs. Based on the company’s priorities we agreed to start the localization process with human dubbing. Thanks to talented voice artists and a studio environment which was professionally equipped, we could deliver the projects earlier than expected.

Here you can see two videos that we dubbed to Spanish and Turkish.

Facts and Results

“The cooperation with Ollang was very helpful for both companies. I appreciate the effort put by their project management team who was always ready to propose a better way for localizing our marketing resources. The quality of the dubbing was excellent, as well as all the documents. For more than one year now, we’ve been partnering with Ollang to run ClassDojo’s localization projects and will continue working together.”
Irina Soshinsky, ClassDojo

Edtech Space Keeps Growing

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According to Valuates Reports, the global edtech industry is projected to reach USD 56490 Million by 2026.

The same report emphasizes that the demand for the K-12 EdTech market is at an inflection point. The North American region is expected to hold the largest K-12 technology market share, with the growing investments from venture capitalists and private-equity investors playing the key role in this. The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period thanks to a wave of affordable internet connectivity being seen in developing markets. The European region is leading the market; however, India and China will most likely see a faster growth rate.
Clearly, there is a big potential in this ecosystem for edtech platforms to widen their reach of learners if they deliver training and learning materials in different languages.

Why Augmented Intelligence?

Ollang’s product is built on a process of augmented intelligence, meaning that AI does most of the work with the human being in the loop. How does this symbiotic relationship work? AI is great at completing repetitive tasks that do not require a high level of creativity and contextual understanding. Taking on such kinds of processes off the shoulders of human translators and linguists, AI accelerates the steps of the localization cycle and lowers production costs. Where AI falls behind in accuracy and quality, that is, in more creative and culturally-delicate aspects of the work, human translators and voice artists step in and use their expertise and contextual sense to review and edit everything to a high standard.

Widen Your Enrollment Base With Localization


It is important to benefit from technological advances in the most effective way possible. That’s why Ollang leverages the best of two worlds: AI-powered translation shaped and leveraged by human cooperation.

This method can create wonders for your e-learning business. Do not wait more and grasp the moment by starting to localize your content.

Let us accompany you through every step of your journey and be your voice in different languages and countries.

You can immediately start growing your outreach, or contact us at marketing@ollang.com if you have any questions to ask before starting your journey.

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