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Mission: Widen Viewership for Documentaries, With AI-Dubbing

With more than 10 years of experience in online media, W4TCH tv is a multi-platform video distribution company for film, TV, music and game rights holders. “Relax. We Take Care of Everything.” reflects their approach to doing business and creating value for its clients.

After hearing about our services, they decided to consult about a project that they wanted to bring to life. The primary focus of W4TCH tv is to produce documentary content in French and they have multiple documentary channels. Recognizing the potential that globalization, namely tapping into the global audiences with quality translation, offers, the company was looking for an innovative way of dubbing their French content into English.

Our company has a large collection of documentaries that we want to dub into English. When we discovered the services offered by Ollang, we were first attracted by its very competitive rates.
After a few tests, we were more than delighted by the quality of the interface, the availability, the competence and the kindness of our interlocutors, and, most importantly, we were totally convinced by the final rendering of our dubbings, of high quality. We will definitely engage with Ollang in a long and mutually beneficial collaboration.
Samuel Zaslavsky
Directeur Général

Innovative Way for Dubbing Video? Really?

Believe us, it exists! The translation and localization industry has made giant leaps by using deep learning and Neural Machine Translation to develop AI-powered dubbing solutions. This disruptive technology is a strong candidate for demolishing traditional barriers to dubbing. Supported by human voice vendors when required, it enables to deliver high quality translations at speed and without breaking the bank.

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After months of negotiations with dubbing studios, W4TCH tv was still unconvinced about its next step and seriously considering if the cost of production would be worth the return on investment. These well-founded doubts encouraged Samuel Zazlavsky, the CEO of W4TCH tv, to upload a file of 5 documentaries to Ollang Lab and wait for an offer.

Our client support team responded to their request in no time and asked detailed questions to analyze the needs of the project. When it was understood that we were challenged to dub French documentaries to English, we were one percent hundred sure AI-powered dubbing was the perfect solution for this case.

Need to Reinvent the Wheel to Innovate?

To make our bold goal come true - that is to create a more accessible and democratizing media landscape for all people, regardless of language and location, we know that our first priority should be to streamline our processes by investing in smart and creative strategies.

So, rather than designing Ollang’s AI-Dubbing system from scratch, we take cutting edge technologies developed by giant firms such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft as models and build Ollang’s translation software on them. Meanwhile, we are working on developing Ollang’s unique voices. What is the huge gain of this? Faster turnaround times, more reliable results and a comprehensive voice library for different content types which will increase audience engagement. Our human translators and linguists are provided with machine captions or translations when they begin working on a project, and thus they can save their time and mental energy for more creative aspects such as context-sensitive edits, cultural adaptations and synchronization improvements.

There are good AI / Synthetic voices out there in the market; but still, there’s a long way to go. English AI voices are better compared to the other languages, and our ultimate goal is to find authentic voices in a large number of languages, thus capturing the essence of the original.

W4TCH Is on the Board

When dubbing is concerned, not all languages are priced equally and English is one of the most expensive languages. So, companies who cannot find alternatives to lower the threshold for entry into English-speaking countries either make deals ending in big losses and disappointments or give up the idea of tapping into global markets altogether.

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This situation was a barrier faced by W4TCH tv, as well. After having met Ollang’s end-to-end AI-powered dubbing solution, they were quite surprised but at the same time convinced that quality dubbing with quick turnaround times and affordable prices was not a dream.

Facts and Results

Here’s a short scene from the documentary we dubbed from French. Would you guess that the voice used in the video is generated by AI technology?

The Best of Two Worlds: Ai-Dubbing Fuelled by the Human Mind

The process of traditional dubbing is pretty clear with established steps, albeit demanding to execute. It needs investing heavily on human force and time, which in turn results in much longer delivery times and higher costs of production and editing.

On the other hand, as AI technologies use already-generated voice-overs based on structured human-fed data, the process becomes faster and more seamless. If you consider the growing popularity of streaming networks like Netflix and the substantial increase in digital media production and consumption, the demand for dubbing is on the rise. The market share for film dubbing is projected to reach USD 3,604.38 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.60% from 2020 to 2027. It is fair to say that such a massive market cannot exist and grow by solely relying on human capacity.

See in this video how AI dubbing can unleash innovation that is beyond imagination.

The best of both worlds is where Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind join forces to globalize content to offer audiences a more engaging and personalized experience in their own languages.

We are at your service to help you move fast to the future. Contact us at marketing@ollang.com and unlock the power of universal storytelling, with Ollang’s end-to-end AI-powered localization solutions.

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