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Ollang’s Subtitling Solution Brought “Bride of Beirut” to Broader Audiences

O3 Medya was looking for a scalable solution to acquire more viewers globally with the “Bride of Beirut” and decided to localize the series for English speaking countries via subtitles. Having a large portfolio of Turkish series which they had subtitled or dubbed to Spanish, Arabic and English, O3 Medya partnered with Ollang after being convinced that we could handle translations to flow seamlessly between different stages of the subtitling process.

The First Step: Gaining Trust and Finding a Shared Goal

twozero VENTURES, Turkey’s first sports venture capital firm, recommended our solutions to O3 Medya. After our first contact with the company, we held several meetings to discuss the pain points. Identifying what their targeted audience expected was important. We analyzed the outcomes of the meetings and did our own research about the market to which Bride of Beirut would be subtitled to decide the best method that would repurpose the content in the best possible way for the new audience. The solution would be to use Ollang’s AI-powered localization software.


Our fully automated process can handle large volumes efficiently and the AI-generated translations are always checked and refined to a higher standard by human translators. Thus, coming up with the most engaging localized content for global audiences becomes a possibility.

Smarter ways of working without compromising quality

Our subtitling and dubbing solutions are led by state of the art AI technology with the involvement of human checks and reviews in every stage of the process. Interconnecting our services, using AI-powered solutions fuelled by human prowess and consulting our clients whenever they need further support lie at the core of our business.

The Second Step: Challenges and Strengths

Ollang was tasked with subtitling over 2000 minutes-long audiovisual content from Lebanese to English. What was the most pressing challenge? The Arabic dialect spoken in Lebanon as a language is remarkably different from MSA, namely Modern Standard Arabic, having its own grammar and structure. Therefore, if we had hired translators and linguists who were well versed in MSA but had little to no experience with Lebanese, we would have equaled it to shooting ourselves in the foot.

Define, Remember, Create

-Define your needs: 1) Subtitle large volumes of content accurately within relatively shorter turnaround times and affordably; 2) Find the right language professionals among our +1400 translators.

-Remember your company’s strengths: 1)Streamlined workflows for captioning, subtitling and dubbing 2) Seasoned translators who are capable of sustaining quality and fast delivery 3) A centralized dashboard -Olabs- for both clients and translators that eliminates workflow bottlenecks 4) Highly automated workflows thanks to AI-powered localization.

-Create your team of translators: The project required close cooperation between our translators and project supervisors. The majority of the process was tailored for the needs of O3 Medya so that they could have the best impact on English speaking countries with Bride of Beirut.

The Third Step: Translation Process and Results

The content was uploaded to Ollang’s client dashboard in no time and our AI-powered product started automatic subtitling. When our translators received the automated draft translation, they did not have to worry about character limitations, misalignments on the screen or the general sense of the translated text. So, they immediately embarked on the more creative aspects of the task such as context-sensitive edits, revision of proper names and cultural adaptations.

Subtitling of more than 2000 minutes of video was completed within one month, including the process from analyzing the needs of the project, hiring translators who are well versed in Lebanese to translating & editing and delivering the final output to O3 Medya.

A Snapshot of the Project

project at a glance.jpg

Task: Subtitle translation from Lebanese to English

Challenge: Finding translators who were well-versed in Lebanese language

Media genre: Romantic Series

Volume: 2198 minutes in total, 50 episodes

Solution used: Ollang’s AI-powered subtitle translation software

Delivery time: 1 month

Spreading Local Stories Worldwide With Multilingual Content Production

O3 Medya is a multilingual content production company that constantly widens its portfolio of series and dramas. Audiences using its streaming platform can reach most of the content in Arabic, English, Spanish and Turkish. Bride of Beirut was the project which thankfully enabled Ollang to prove how capable it is of delivering large volumes of work with high quality and in a language that is relatively difficult to find experienced translators for. Our client is satisfied with the entire process - we did the heavy work, gave them a peace of mind so that they could focus on their other work. As Ollang, we’ll continue to bring local stories to a broader world audience.

AI-Powered Localization Solutions Through A Centralized System

Global demand for both subtitling and dubbing is on the rise with the increasing consumption of audiovisual content such as movies, series and documentaries. Thanks to AI technology powered by the human’s creative mind, it is possible to boost efficiency, shorten delivery times, reduce production costs and maximize existing content for other markets. But is it possible to maintain the quality, as well? Yes, it is. Trusting media globalization companies who pair the best AI automation with the best human support, like Ollang, you can take the power of universal storytelling in your own hands.

We’re here to take on your challenges and come up with top-quality captioning, subtitling and dubbing solutions for you. You can kickstart your next localization project just now here. Or if you need support before deciding the right solution and strategy to use, book a consultation with our experienced sales representatives.

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