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Sevdam Alabora: The rebirth of a Turkish series on YouTube

Subtitles in +12 languages including Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, German and French

Faster turnaround times with strong AI technology

Human touch with several editings and revisions

How Ollang gave this romance story a new lease on life

Having been established in 1993, ATV is one of the most popular free-to-air television networks in Turkey, with a 12.6% total day viewing share in the last year. It is owned by Turkuvaz Media Group which operates in newspaper and magazine publication and printing besides television and radio broadcasting.

Despite having produced and broadcasted many high-budgeted and memorable series so far, ATV could still not escape an unfortunate fate. When Sevdam Alabora, which was broadcasted on TV in 2015, had to end immaturely, lasting only 1 season of 4 episodes, 8 hours in total.

Was this due to a poorly-written script or an unsuitable casting? Could Sevdam Alabora last longer if it had been broadcast on a different day or at a different time? Apparently, these were trivial factors in this case as it gained a huge success on a social media streaming platform afterwards, that is YouTube.

arv youtube.jpg

Having a strong partner like Ollang inspires confidence and courage to take the step… They literally do their best to overcome any possible challenges and continue testing their process through trial and error until they come to the client with a solution.

Onur Yıldırım, ATV Chief Digital Officer


ATV has trusted Ollang in the past as a solution partner to get Turkey’s most popular series such as Kuruluş Osman and Hercai subtitled for English speaking as well as non-English speaking audiences including Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, Malay and Russian.

The cooperation was a high-achievement thanks to our AI-powered translation software which is polished by the efforts of professional and experienced human translators. After seeing this success, ATV did not give a second thought before challenging Ollang to translate subtitles for Sevdam Alabora in more than 12 languages, a journey beginning with subtitles in Arabic, Turkish and Spanish and then resuming with other languages, Portuguese, Japanese, German and French - to name a few.


At Ollang, challenges are synonymous with opportunities to stretch ourselves and build on the services we offer for our clients. The mindset we adopt, that is work smartly to gain bountifully, guides us to overcome any challenges we face.

Challenges accepted and beaten off

As we never missed a set delivery time, we even responded with earlier turnaround times in some cases while keeping our word to create accurate and high-quality work.

How do we operate to leave our customers completely satisfied? Here’s a behind-the-scenes insight into how we do our business.

Ollang's system-overview.png

Here is just an example showing Ollang’s AI-powered subtitles in action:

Sevdam Alabora in different subtitles

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By Burcu Uluçay
Storyteller & Content Creator / Ollang

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