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Talking in the Language of Children: How Ollang Dubbed Fairy-Tales into Urdu

When content produced for children is concerned, dubbing is the most widely used localization strategy. It makes information more easily accessible and diversifies the ways of engaging with content. Getting introduced into the world of other cultures is vital to the development during the early years of childhood, and dubbing is one of the most effective ways to ensure this as it transforms stories braided in a different language with specific cultural codes into another language which has its own cultural nuances. Perhaps more importantly, dubbing allows children with different literacy ages to reach valuable content easily. The task is rewarding; however, it is also challenging and requires putting well-rounded strategies in place to yield successful results.

“We are very happy to meet Ollang’s friendly and knowledgeable team. They always offer high-capacity and innovative technologies. We look forward to achieving greater success with our new projects.”

Cemal Özöncül, General Manager


Inspired by a strong commitment to art, they adopt a principled approach to using creativity, technology and digital means to make educational and entertaining content accessible to all children.

The company has a wide range of fairy tales catalog brimming with expressive narratives and dialogues voiced by vibrant and magical animated characters. Transforming this world into another language and culture by blending with a style and rhetoric is not an easy responsibility. It is important to add in the challenges exclusive to dubbing such as lip synchronization, and the picture gets even a bit more complicated.

The Pain Point

It was not surprising that Adisebaba decided to seek another solution when they understood their existing solution partner, Fiverr, was not meeting their expectations. They needed to work together with a professional partner who could provide more sustainable solutions with quicker delivery times. Equally important was that the quality and accuracy of the dubbed content had to be at the premium level on a constant basis.

The paths of Adisebaba and Ollang crossed in 2021 under such circumstances. First, they were doubtful about switching to another solution provider. However, when our team introduced them to Ollang’s system which uses dubbing technologies of leading companies, they felt more assured. Thus, they decided to trust Ollang’s support and enter a new market in which they had not existed before: Urdu.



Details of the project identified, all matters settled, the contract signed… And we were in new waters now. For Adisebaba, expanding their outreach to children speaking Urdu was an exciting but risky endeavor. For Ollang, stepping into a large-scale of dubbing work in Urdu was a challenge, let alone the intricacies of the animated movie genre addressing children.

Both sides could see such uncertainty as a chance to strengthen their muscles for innovation and adaptability to new conditions.

After having held consecutive meetings with both the client and themselves, the Ollang team mapped out the challenges facing it, in the knowledge that unexpected obstacles would appear along the path.

The Solution

Ollang’s well-rounded software structure has been the primary strength in addressing these issues and coming up with manageable solutions. Our product developers tested the system to spot what was needed to be improved and added the required features such as a centralized monitoring dashboard as quickly as possible. The iteration process revealed three pain points we had to be paid attention to: dubbing revisions, capturing linguistic nuances, and dubbing animal sounds as different from human voices.

First, the Ollang Team strengthened the checking mechanism with an extra layer of the base. This would create wonders during the revision process in terms of speed, accuracy and simplicity. The dubbing mixer brought together different sound elements, after which Ollang’s robust checking system took on the process. Then, we ensured that all characters were given unique sounds and methods of communicating. In the final step, the output was uploaded on the client’s exclusive online dashboard which we developed specifically for this project.

The Results

Urdu Chart PNG-01.png

Now, Urdu-speaking children enjoy an authentic and engaging experience with the fairy tales brought to themselves from other languages and cultures.

Do you not believe it? See it here in this video for yourself.

1 year on: Where are we now?

We’re proud to say that the strong collaboration between Adisebaba and Ollang continues today, after completing our first project one year ago. Our partnership has extended to include other languages for both subtitling and dubbing services.

Technological developments make it possible to reach more content each day; however, there is still a huge barrier we should overcome: bridging the gap between languages. There are different ways to localize content such as closed-captions, subtitles, and dubbing. To define the best strategy for you as a content creator, storyteller, broadcaster or media company there are three main factors you should consider: to analyze and understand your audience; target the right channel of communication for you; and find the right tools and services. And we think that localizing videos using AI-powered solutions with a human touch in the process for the best quality can address this gap.

Let us be your most dependable companion on the path towards tapping into new waters.

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By Burcu Uluçay
Storyteller & Content Writer at Ollang

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