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From content creators aiming for the world, to broadcasting and streaming platforms that need localization by the thousands... Ollang caters for all.
세계를 지향하는 콘텐츠 크리에이터부터 수천 가지 현지화 솔루션이 필요한 방송 및 스트리밍 플랫폼까지... Ollang은 모두를 위하여 제공 할 수 있습니다.
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Ollang for Content Creators

Affordable & hassle-free localization without external fees, agencies, or other 3rd parties.

You have a choice of Ollang's state-of-the-art AI-Powered dubbing or opt for a more human touch. Create foreign subtitles and closed captions with 99% accuracy. Give feedback and revisions if necessary. Choose pay-as-you-go, or subscription-based payments. You have freedom in everything like never before.

Ollang for Broadcasters

Tailored solutions for tv series, movies and documentaries with fast multi-tasking capabilities.

Creating and distributing a large content library can be arduous and time-consuming. Ollang's dashboard is equipped to handle all sizes of content with multiple user roles, project-based working system, various localization options to choose from, and multi-project capabilities to ensure that your project will be delivered in no time.

Ollang for Publishers

Ollang provides various user roles, continuous information flow, and detailed reporting for enterprises so that multiple projects can run smoothly with minimal effort.

With Ollang's dashboard, you can assign different roles and projects to different users while supervising the whole localization operations from one platform. Different languages, time zones, and projects do not need to be a hassle anymore. Stay on top of the information flow with various reports, while lowering your costs and man-hours.

Ollang for Platforms

Ollang allows you to fine-tune and globalize your content at capacity while increasing accessibility and reducing turnaround time.

In today’s world, streaming is truly a global business, and staying on top of your game is only possible with the widest reach. Ollang allows you to fine-tune and globalize your content at large volumes with reduced turnaround times, uncompromised quality, and fair prices.

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